The jewelry I create come from an archaic lineage.
Deep in me (in your body as well if you listen closely) millennium memory of man remains, obscure, wild, untouched!
At the extreme limits of consciousness, it helds a primitive, instinctive knowledge of the Universe whose roots go deeply in the mists of time and which incorporates all the kingdoms, from mineral to animal and human being.
Deep in your soul, in your darkest and secret rooms sleepy stones and wild ancient beasts are whispering...
Sadly,in our (so-called)crazy "modern" world, slowly, you forget where you come from... Listen !
I made a necklace for you : here, beyond aesthetic dimension, the primitive power of Nature is deployed and embodied in the heart of shapes and materials.
I work with my hands : like a dream I explore, I go back to the source. Trough this work i try to share,
I talk about this elsewhere, longtime ago,
when we used to be one with Mother Nature in
a perfect alchemy.
Long time ago when adornment was still a magical ritual connecting our soul to Universe's strength and protection...In a Unique Ring !
Maybe you can find it's an old forgotten tale but if you listen carefully secret voices are still murmuring all around us and they tell the all story, till the end of Time...

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